Remember when you were young? Homework was a drag and the last thing that you would have wanted was an overarching parent constantly trying to make you learn something. An important part of having a successful child is making sure that they are well rounded. And what better way to provide balance in your child than by making sure they have plenty of time for creativity.

Turn off the TV, cell phone and computer. You can’t force your child to be creative, but you can create an environment which is conducive to imagination. Whether through art, music, writing or any other number of endeavors, you can be sure that creative environments stimulate critical thinking and introspection. These skills will pay dividends not only in your child’s academic endeavors but also in their interpersonal interactions.

To help, think about the more creative aspects of your own childhood. Perhaps it was the boredom of summer days which thrust you into creating activities to occupy your time. Simple things like keeping art supplies around the house can give your child an outlet for similar times. The most important thing is to remember that creative activities should be centered around the process and not the result. Try not to make productivity or perfection the goal, the act is in itself rewarding for your child.