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Educational Tools for Children with Learning Disabilities

Several things can turn a child with learning disabilities away from school and studies. A learning disability can be even more of a burden in a classroom setting because a student is more prone to public criticism. As a parent, you can help your child learn to cope with his....

Guide to Breastfeeding

If you are having a baby, you know how many choices there are to make and how much you have to learn. For instance, considering whether you will breastfeed or not is an important decision. Although breastfeeding is natural, many moms may still have a lot of questions. Learning why....

How to Help Your Child Lose Weight

Dealing with the topic of childhood obesity can be a very complex matter. This is especially true for parents who are dealing with a child that is overweight. However, sensitive the matter may be, it is imperative as a parent that you assist your....

How to Choose a Daycare

Choosing a daycare for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will find yourself having to make as a parent. Especially as a new parent going back to work, it's tough to imagine leaving your child with someone that you are unfamiliar with for a duration....

Introducing Kids to Computer Programming

Introducing kids to computer programming can be beneficial in several ways. Not only can developing computer programming knowledge be helpful in their future education, it can even improve employment marketability when kids are older.

Learning computer programming can also help improve others skills, such as problem solving,....

Environmental Effects on Early Childhood Development

This is an excellent video from Harvard discussing the effect of environment on early childhood development. There is no doubt that socialization has a large effect on who we become as people. However, this video points out that stressors in a young child's environment can lead to negative changes in....
boy and a girl playing video game

Effects of Video Games on Children

Video games have been on the market for a few decades. In that time, questions have been raised on whether playing the games has any effect on children. Parents, teachers and researchers, have been asking this question for years. The answer is not cut and dry.


Introducing Children to Music

There is a rhythm, tempo and music to life and every day you live it adds to your unique symphony. Help your children realize and enhance their own symphony by introducing them to the power of music at an early age.

Perhaps you played music to your child when they were....

What to Take to the Hospital for Delivery

The last few weeks of pregnancy seem like the longest. By the time you reach 36 weeks you are so tired of being pregnant that you cannot wait for labor to start. You should have your hospital bag packed and waiting by the door for those moments when you think,....

Teaching Your Children About Money

As a parent, one of the most valuable lessons you can teach your children is learning how to handle money. While many parents give their kids an allowance, without a bit of guidance, they're likely to want to spend their money in the moment without giving much thought to savings,....

Introducing Your Child to Computers

By age 5 many children will have achieved some experience with computers. The odds are that you have allowed your child to interact with either the family computer or a mobile device of some sort. As you will almost certainly find, children have a sort of intuitive confidence when it comes to manipulating computers. Just show your child how to turn the device on and they are off to the races. However, there are certainly considerations parents should make in allowing their child to use computers.


Many adults assume that typing is a skill which comes with routine computer use. However, in the iPad age many young children simply have never interacted with a keyboard. It may sound bizarre to those who grew up thinking of a computer as weighing 30 (or more) pounds, but many modern children see traditional computers as foreign. Because of this it is important to introduce your child to keyboarding early on

It will be important to educate your child on the three “P’s” of typing: posture, position (hand and finger position) and practice. And you can’t under-emphasize practice, so make it fun by turning it into a game. There are many typing games freely available online, check alfatyping.com for several. Remember, bad habits can set in quickly and can be hard to undo, so help your child with typing early on.


We all know that the internet is filled with questionable material. This becomes even more true when it comes to appropriateness for children. There are ways to help parents shield their children from malicious content but it is an increasingly daunting task. Consider a website like YouTube. The types and breadth of content available on YouTube is simply staggering and plenty of it may not be appropriate for children.

The two most important things to consider when allowing you child to access the internet are to educate yourself and to pay attention to what they are doing. After all, a child with no oversight is sure to find their way into trouble. There is plenty of practical advice for protecting your children online. Start by checking out this page from Microsoft.


7 Tips for Raising a Smart Baby

Every parent wants their child to do well, and a lot of that depends on how quickly they can learn the basics. When children are primed for learning early in life, they are significantly more likely to continue a life of productive learning well into adulthood. Fortunately, there are things you can do as a parent to ensure that your child is set for success. If you would like to know how to raise intelligent children, then use these seven tips to get them going down the right path.

Listen to music: Studies show that children who listen to music do better in a number of areas including problem solving, vocabulary, mathematics and spacial skills. This is largely to do with music’s ability to convey any number of messages – be it history, language arts, mathematics, or anything in between. It is also a great way to teach your child about emotions and proper ways to express them.

Read together: Books are often the first exposure a child has to written language and can teach your child that words come from letters which are then transformed into sentences and ultimately information. Therefore, by reading to your child regularly, you can help them learn to recognize letters, sounds, and the meaning of words. How better, then, to inspire creative thought than through the pages of a good book.

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